All with natural ingredients

Layers of homemake thin pastry with walnuts, almonds, pistachios, spiced with cinnamon and cloves, then baked and finished with honey caramel. $7.95

Cream pudding topped with fresh kiwi, pineapple, blueberry, and strawberry. $8.95

Rice pudding, served with pistachio and cardamom. $7.95

Homemade ice cream served with fresh pineapple, dates, figs, pistachio and cardamom. $8.50

Our Cake 
Homemade cardamom and pineapple cake served with ice cream with fresh pineapple, dates and figs on pomegranate sauce. $9.95

Coffee And Tea
Coffee $3.25
Black Or Green Tea served with cardamom $3.25
Turkish Coffee $4.00

Specialty Coffees $9.50
Italian Coffee with amaretto
Spanish Coffee with kahlua and brandy
Irish Coffee with irish whiskey
Jamaican Coffee with tia maria and Myers rum

Cognacs and Brandies
Kelt, XO $17
A. De Fussigny, XO $16
Delamain, Pale & Dry (25 years) $15
Courvoisier, V.S.O.P. $13
Martell, V.S.O.P $13
Cles Des Ducs Armagnac, V.S.O.P. $11
Cardenal Mendoza, Solera Gran Reserva $10
Alianca Antiquissma Reserva, V.S.O.P. $9.50
Hennessy V.S. $9
Marolo, Grappa di Moscato $9

Cordials and Liqueur
Amaretto $9
B&B $9
Grand Marnier $10
Bailey's Irish Cream $9.50
Benedictine $9
Drambuie $9
Frangelico $10
Kammer Pear William $9
Tiramisu $9
Romano Sambuca $9
Schladener Himbeer (Raspberry) $9
Tia Maria $9

Taylor Fladgate, First Estae Vintage Character $9
Cockburn, Anno LBV $9
Ferreira, Dona Antonia Personal Reserve Tawny $10
Sandeman (Tauny or Ruby) $9

Dessert Wines

Quady, Essencia Orage Muscat $21

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